First Day

After I brush my teeth I drink:

  • one glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon

The benefits are:

  1. helps your digestive system function better
  2. you get the levels of Vitamin C on track
  3. hydrates your body
  4. lemons have an alkaline effect on the body
  5. citric acids found in lemons have been linked to stimulating fresh elastin and collagen production
  6. the scent of lemons improves brain function and mood
  7. lemons have huge antibacterial and antiviral benefits
  8. the potassium and magnesium from the lemons support the brain and nerve health
  9. lemons also work as a natural diuretic to flush toxins from other organs (like the urinary tract)
  10. helps you lose weight


-yellow pepper stuffed with cheese cream with herbs and tuna with tomato sauce

-unsalted black olives

-vegetarian meatballs (carrot, zucchini, potatoe, parsley)



-salted and baked pumpkin seeds

-passion fruit




-vegetable cream soup with crutons

-eggplants stuffed with quinoa, green onion, parsley and emmentaler



-paleo raw bar with cocoa and hazelnuts

-3 slices of puffed rice







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